Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Little Red Wagon Challenge #349- It's Summertime!

Summer is here! Yep, I live in sunny Arizona and it has been HOT HOT HOT!!! 110 degrees is an average temp here. Whew........ more pool time, bbq's and ice cream for us that's for sure!!! My grandkids love when the get popsicles and sit on the pool step in the shade and eat them!

So for my summertime theme this week, I chose a Penny Black stamp called Summer Love. I just love this stamp so much! I love the sweet and innocent little kids, just enjoying their ice creams!! Now isn't that perfect for our warm summery days?

So get out your favorite summer theme stamps etc. and let's see what you like for summertime. Just post your projects by clicking the link button below. I can't wait to see what everyone makes! I will post my top pics here next Tuesday. Top picks will get a cute badge for their blogs too!

Have fun!!

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