Wednesday, July 17, 2013

#194 - Project Makeover

Okay, now I know all of you (if you're anything like me) have made a paper-crafting project at some point and have not been completely satisfied with it.  Come on, hands up!  We've all done it.  The project may get stuffed in a drawer, swept to the corner of your desk, or you may wince at it every time you see it.  This week, your challenge is to remedy the situation.  That's right!
Take a project you've made but never felt satisfied with, and make-it-over!
  It can be as simple as adding/removing embellishments or doing a complete gut job, keeping only the basics.  Be sure to show us both the BEFORE and AFTER photos!

Here's my BEFORE:

And my AFTER:

(Some of you may actually like my BEFORE card better, but it just wasn't working for me;
not sure if the AFTER one is either, but it's a bit better)

I love home-reno shows, and I'm sure I'll love your BEFORE/AFTER shots of your renovated project.
Be sure to check out the DT's renovations for some inspiration!


  1. i do like them both! great challenge!

  2. You made it look so easy to do over your card fantastic..
    Mine not so much...... sometimes should just throw things out...