Wednesday, July 24, 2013're it!!

Regs here with this week's challenge
I want to see a tag or a project with tags!!
Card, layout, altered item...whatever floats your boat!
I used this teenie wooden clipboard and added some
embellishments for my tag
I think it came from AC Moore like 3 years ago..I have a ton in my wagon so it was high time I did something with them!
that's what I love about this blog..
encourages me to use up some stuff!!


  1. I love the wooden clip board so cool!

  2. I have a card in the form of a tag and another one that is a tag that was attached to a gift bag.
    Cool challenge and great entries!
    Louise (Mamilou)

  3. I love tags! Your sample is adorable - what a cute clipboard! Must be for a tiny supervisor!